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Books @ Book Fair (July 2005)

Today is 18th July, two days before this year's Hong Kong Book Fair will commence. I am never enthusiastic about browsing new books there. But this year's Book Fair means more than bargain books to me.

The book On the Road will be launched during the Hong Kong Book Fair. I recommend it to you not because I am one of the 70 authors, but because this is a meaningful project that captures personal histories of people from all walks of life. I am most grateful to the editor Joycelyn (whom I knew back to my days in Commercial Radio in 1999) for inviting me to participate in her project. My thanks also go to Ellie who prompted me to reflect upon my own experiences in the past seven years. I rarely publish personal writings like this one titled "Wandering for Seven Years" in the book, and I must admit that I am not good at it. Indeed sentimentality about my own past and rational reflections of personal experiences seem not going too well together. Yet they are both part of me, and I assure you that every word I put down is genuine. A few words to my dear friends here: my memory of the past seven years cannot be without you, and for this I am truly grateful. I hope you will support this book project just as you have supported me in the past seven years or longer. You can take a look at the book at the Hong Kong Book Fair or, after the Book Fair, at Kubrick (Broadway Cinematique / APM / Olympic City).

Copies of the book Sabayoning the City, written by my friends and me, are also available at the Hong Kong Book Fair. I know some of you have difficulties in finding it at bookstores for shops usually put these bad-sellers in the most obscure corners. And I am glad to tell you that local writer Michelle Kwok has written a book review on it recently. The review, appearing on Ming Pao Monthly, is now on the book's website, which has just been relocated to It would be nice if you could spread around this new URL!

Take care, my friends. Maybe I will bump into you at the Hong Kong Book Fair.

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