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《像我這樣的一個女子》 之 下集大結局


A Woman Like Me bookcover





(English Translation)

- Can I go and visit your workplace now? I would like to see those beautiful faces.
He asked.
- Sure.
I said.

Yes, people who die in peace have beautiful faces, but too many people feel too frightened to see them. All people are afraid of death, and this fear extends to everything and everyone related to death. It is not fair to demand Xia to be exceptionally brave. Nevertheless, even if he is afraid of a girl like me, he has at least closely looked at my face, which is not covered by cosmetics.

I walk out of the cafe with Xia and prepare myself to go to the place that Fate has prepared for me. Xia holds the big bouquet of flowers in his hands and starts the journey which takes only three-hundred steps. He keeps talking cheerfully and humorously on the way, so energetic, transpiring the energy of a summer sun. It seems that death has nothing to do with him.

We only need to turn the corner to reach my workplace. More and more people are walking towards my workplace with a bouquet of parting flowers in their hands. I shall open the door, going back to my friends who are asleep and continuing to beautify their faces. With flowers in his hands, Xia walks with me towards those large doors, through which once a panic-stricken man went dashing out.

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