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Happy New Year (January 2007)

Sorry for not sending out any Christmas greeting in 2006 for I was in Germany and Austria for 2 weeks - yes, the photo above was taken in Fussen, Germany - and I hope this slightly belated New Year greeting can compensate for the missing Christmas card.

In fact I was quite busy last November and December. In office I was working on's new content section, YumCha!, where you will find editor's picks (including those by me in Chinese and in English), feature articles (which I haven't written any since "Ghost and the City" in August), reviews by external parties, and other content. YumCha! marks the first large-scale project that I have in-charged at and I wish to share my joy with you.

Looking back, 2006 was not as eventful as 2005, but I was glad to enjoy a less hectic life. I hope my year ahead will be fruitful and also peaceful. And I wish you the same.

Happy New Year!

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