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蕭琚A歷任研究助理、編輯及文化行政人員,現於香港英國文化協會任職藝術及創意工業副經理。早年畢業於商業電台DJ訓練班,並主演廣播劇《摘星奇緣》。其後入讀香港大學,先後獲得比較文學及翻譯文學士 (一級榮譽) 及文學及文化研究碩士 (優異)。業餘文化評論人,亦為香港電影評論學會成員。作品散見報章雜誌及網路媒體,曾與人合著《沙巴翁的城市漫遊》一書,並主編《電影花火》文集。

SIU Heng has worked as a research assistant, an editor, and a cultural administrator. He is now Assistant Manager, Arts and Creative Industries at British Council Hong Kong. He started his career as a DJ trainee at Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and later pursued further study at The University of Hong Kong, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Comparative Literature and Translation and a Master of Arts (with Distinction) in Literary and Cultural Studies. An amateur cultural critic and a member of Hong Kong Film Critics Society, he publishes in newspapers, magazines, and online media. He co-authored the book Sabayoning the City and edited the anthology Sparks of Film.

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