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Mobility (April 2008)

It has been four months since I last updated this section. There were just too many happenings that life has become overwhelming for me. Two very good colleague-turned-friends got married and left Hong Kong with their husbands, while I myself was also out town at times.

Alubee, now known as Mrs. Poon @ San Jose [Link], held her wedding banquet on Christmas Eve and I emceed a wedding dinner for the fifth time. On New Year's Day I saw her off at the airport heading to the States. Only till then I realise her marrying to the States was once a distant story when we first met five years ago. How time flies!

Also in the same "Blow Water Meeting" group with Alubee was Big Head. She moved to Singapore and invited all of us to her Disney wedding in January. Getting to know this group of friend was perhaps the biggest blessing during my days in the civil service. (See also Alubee's blog entry [Link].)

After their departure I had the feeling that the "Blow Water Meeting" group was going to disperse, which did upset me. But in fact they both visited Hong Kong in less than three months' time after emigrating!

Meanwhile I also did some trips from last November to this February, before I packed my March schedule with a few shows at the Hong Kong Arts Festival (some for work and some for leisure) and 22 films at the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

I did not have the energy to organize the photos of my Japan trip until a few days ago. Work life was too hectic for me, or perhaps I just lacked that capability to handle so many unpredictable situations at the same time. While I do not complain about workload, I just find life too overwhelming for some little things that adds flavour to life, such as writing up a few lines about a very enjoyable trip.

The previous entry in this section was already my Christmas card with a picture taken in Vietnam. I went to Guangdong for a semi-work trip in December, and then in February I flew to Beijing for meeting. I of course took advantage of this business trip to go out in the evening and meet friends working in Beijing.

Nowadays I meet some of my friends only when both of us are not in Hong Kong. Such cases are becoming more and more common. Next month I am going to London for work, and I will get to meet another good friend who is now working there. We are living in a world of mobility, aren't we?

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